It’s always heartwarming to find news about our charity popping up in a nice article!

This week, the UK charity support platform, UK Fundraising, posted an interesting piece entitled: How can small charities find their fundraising edge?

You’ll see in the article that our CEO, Tracey West, is set to deliver a presentation on good stewardship at the Foundation for Social Improvements’ Fundraising Conference in London, on Thursday 20th June.

Here’s a short quote:

It’s estimated that 81% of the sector’s income goes to the largest 4% of charities (NCVO Almanac 2018), leaving the many thousands of incredible small charities struggling to raise the funds they need. Small charities tell us that it’s increasingly difficult to generate income and they struggle to compete for attention and support, so it would be easy to assume that big charities have all the advantages when it comes to fundraising.

However, this is not exclusively the case. There are many ways in which flexibility, personality and smallness can in fact be a strength. I wanted to share some of our top tips to maximise this, inspired by the many creative small charities we’ve encountered at the FSI.

Click here to read the rest of the article and to find out some of the things small charities are doing to take care of their supporters and keep them in the loop.

…and before we sign off for the day, if news of this Third Sector conference has piqued your interest, here’s a taster of what’s on the schedule for the event, taken directly from the FSI website:

It’s set to be a fact-packed event and Word Forest are absolutely thrilled to be a part of it.

Click here to book your place and if you’d like to chat to Tracey in greater detail on the day, she’ll be delighted to help. Drop us a line to organise a meeting.

The Team