In the coming weeks we will be preparing our annual Report and Accounts to submit to the Charity Commission and for all our lovely supporters to read how we did between April 7th 2020 and April 6th 2021

However, I simply cannot wait that long to let you know the headline figure. Despite the pandemic, lock-downs, people having money problems and the general awfulness of 2020, The Word Forest Organisation closed the year with an income of… wait for it…


That’s an amazing 90% increase on last year.

I really hope that everyone who reads this understands just how amazing they are. To be part of that is a wonderful indictment of how generous people can be in times of need.

You will probably have already read how, over the past year we have been sending an average of £4,600 a month in food aid to the amazing tree planting communities in Kenya. For the coming year we are moving back to funding tree planting, and we look forward to reporting how that progresses over the coming months.

For now, please give yourselves a hearty pat on the back!

Simon West and The Team