The Big Green Clash Rugby Match

The First-Ever Environment-Focused Charity Rugby Match, Coming Soon!

We are utterly delighted to be able to share news of an exciting event organised by one of our corporate partners, the Green Gazelles Rugby Club, who have an innovative approach and a planet friendly ethos. If you thought environmentalism, veganism and rugby were poles apart, read on and be amazed. Oh, and get those tickets quickly – they’re sure to go like hot (vegan) cakes!

Published on August 6, 2021 on LinkedIn by Green Gazelles Rugby Club and reproduced here with permission:

The first-ever environmental awareness Charity Rugby Match entitled, ‘The Big Green Clash’ will take place at Rosslyn Park on the 27th of November.  

Spearheading the event is the world’s first-ever vegan rugby team, the Green Gazelles, an invitational club with 150+ players worldwide on a mission to promote sustainability, veganism and raise awareness of environmental issues through their love of rugby.

Working in collaboration with The Word Forest Organisation, all profits made for the day will be donated to the charity to help fund their huge tree-planting project. 

Founded in 2017, The Word Forest Organisation is an inspiring charity with vegan values that have taken tree planting to the next level. The majority of trees they plant are in rural Kenya due to how the tropical conditions on the equator enable trees to grow much faster and therefore contribute much more effectively to combat climate change. Not only do the trees help produce oxygen and suck in carbon, they also provide commodities for the communities to combat hunger and poverty.  

The Word Forest Organisation do not only plant trees but build schools, facilitate education and empower women’s independence through their ‘Mothers of the Forest’ Women’s group. Planting trees is simply not enough, they must also support, encourage and educate the communities they rely on to help with their eco-friendly mission. 

In partnership with The Word Forest Organisation, The Green Gazelles are looking to showcase their squad against tough opposition on a big stage in front of lots of spectators in what will be an exhibition-style XVs match with some ex-rugby pros and vegan celebrity appearances expected.  

Green Gazelles Image by TwoShoesCreative
Image by TwoShoesCreative

Founder of the Green Gazelles and mastermind behind the event, Brendon Bale, wishes to combine the positive focus and community spirit of his club to raise Eco awareness far and wide.

“We at the Green Gazelles just want to try and help promote a more compassionate, eco-friendly and sustainable future through our love of rugby.”

2021 is looking to be a busy year for the Green Gazelles, with various training camps and tournaments alongside many more exhibition matches yet to be confirmed. The club is also seeking to establish new partnerships with like-minded businesses – there are plenty of opportunities still up for grabs.

“On and off the pitch, we can help kick carbon emissions firmly into touch and tackle environmental issues by promoting sustainable products, plant-based food and raising funds to plant more trees for carbon neutrality.” 

Co-founder of The Word Forest Organisation, Tracey West is both delighted and grateful for the charity to be involved with the Green Gazelles and for the ‘Big Green Clash’ to be taking place.

“We have to use all the tools in the box to evoke swift environmental behaviour change to support and protect our planet. I cannot think of a more convivial way to raise awareness of what our world needs right now, than through a spectacular, plant-based sporting event. Brendon’s Big Green Clash is going to be incredible and I’m hoping it’ll also be a doorway for more people to connect with deliciously good food in an accessible way. If you want to make a serious, long-term, positive difference to the health and wellbeing of your body and our planet before supper time tonight, go plant-based, it’s as simple as that. There’s tonnes of information and support out there and brilliant cooks to inspire you. You’ll soon get to grips with switches, alternatives and completely different options for the stuff you used to eat before you got the memo and properly embraced planet-loving food. Welcome to the phenomenal powerhouse that is Team Vegan!”

Tickets go on sale from 10am Wednesday 11th August at Green Gazelles | Green Gazelles Rugby Club | England

For further information email: [email protected]

Thank you so much to the Green Gazelles for supporting our cause and in such a unique way – we are very much looking forward to The Big Green Clash!

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