Smart Solar – Could It Help Save Our Forests?

Solar panels/photovotaic cells on roof by Colin McKay on Pixabay

Deforestation has become an increasingly prevalent problem in a global context. In fact, the World Research Institute notes that only 30% of the world’s land area is still forest. They also mention that 23% of all deforestation is caused by wildfires and the loss of forests is happening at an alarming rate.  A guest post by […]

Where is the Urgency?

Protestor holding a banner saying Act now or swim later by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

One of our hopes from the visit to COP26 was the chance to call decision makers out when they gave weak or misleading answers. Jo Smith got one such opportunity with a panel who were talking about the impacts of consumer behaviour on our climate. Watch Jo’s question and the answers she received: Jo Smith […]