“Oh my days!” as one of our volunteers regularly says!

A couple of weeks ago, we realised that we’d got a fabulous stack of incredibly diverse events lined up to help us raise funds for Word Forest.

Thankfully, our in-house Super Geek, Simon, managed to create a seriously cool, whizz-bang calendar and ticketing system, so we can tell the world what we’re up to. We can also list fundraising events for other people too… by the way, do let us know if you fancy doing anything exotic, bizarre or exciting to raise a bit of money for us.

Because Simon is able to fully administrate our ticketing system (as opposed to using software controlled by a 3rd party who charges fees) it means every time you buy a ticket to come to one of our events, our charity gets far more of the money you’ve kindly handed over.

There are several widely recognisable ticketing systems on the market, they’re convenient and easy to use but the built in fees reflect that. One particularly well known organisation deducts between 8% and 50% per transaction, so taking a £4.00 ticket as an example, 71p of that would disappear in fees.

The only additional costs you’ll see on our events, are unavoidable bank transactions charges from Paypal which are set by them and non-negotiable – although they do reduce them for charities, which is a great help.

Anyway, the long and short of it is, we owe Simon a pie and a pint, and you can have a look at what we’re up to, comfortable in the knowledge that more of the money you spend with us, will turn into trees and building materials for new classrooms.

Do have a look at our first event: author Izzy Robertson and musician Jed Robertson are putting on a fabulous performance of the spellbinding Faeries’ Bazaar.

More events coming soon!

The Team