Eva and her Team in Kenya are doing a remarkable job of keeping us all up to date with what’s happening on the frontline of climate change.

With the grip of lockdown tightening further in Boré (read our recent post for more details) our women’s empowerment group, the Mothers of the Forest, now have to wear government approved facemasks when out of their homes. If caught without one, they face a fine of 20,000 ksh (around £160) or 6 months in prison, or both!

Their workload is heavy under normal circumstances. Many have to walk great distances to collect and carry home 20 litre containers of water on their heads. They also have to tend the trees and crops on their homesteads, also known as shambas and far more besides.

This few seconds of film shot on the hoof, shows their gratitude on receiving the masks that Eva and Esther made and for your kind ongoing support.

The Team