Our supporters are amazing and we’re not going to add to your financial pressures by asking for more donations. You already know about the great work we’re doing to mitigate the other existential threat we live with: climate chaos – if you are able to help, we know you will.

We’re offering a hassle free, environmentally friendly way to help us, at ZERO COST to you!

Our wonderful partners at Recycling For Good Causes are offering three options for you to send them a variety of unwanted or broken items, including jewellery (gold, silver and costume) and unwanted, unusable foreign banknotes, or stamps, via any Royal Mail postbox for small donations and in a large sack for big ones!

Your items will be recycled and a cheque for the proceeds will be sent to us. If you’d like acknowledgement by email that your envelope has been received, just pop your name and email address inside the envelope with your donations.

The postal services you can use, depend upon the quantity of items you have to send.

freepost envelope for Recycling for Good Causes
Click the above image for a printable PDF

Fundraising is never easy and right now, it’s harder than ever before. Every person and every business is being squeezed by this pandemic and for charities like Word Forest, it’s having severe social and economic consequences on our work.

By having a good old clear out, you’ll be able to help us plug our financial gaps by turning your rubbish into a gratefully welcomed resource!

Thank you,

The Team