Person in blue outside COP 26

Take A Moment To Breathe And Reflect – It’s OK To Feel Overwhelmed

On Day 3 at COP, we could tell everybody was feeling it. There is so much going on around this space: talks, panels, protests, actions – you name it, it’s here!

Tracey and I were wandering around the space outside the Blue Zone, speaking to various people, one being the wonderful Minister Hilary from the Extinction Rebellion Faith group. Tracey and Simon had met her at a Church Climate Sunday event in Lyme Regis a few weeks ago. Hilary and her peers were taking a moment of ‘Silence in Grief and Love for our Planet’. This was followed by conversations with a journalist from the Boston Globe and Alice Aedy from EarthRise Studio, both of whom also commented on their feelings of being overwhelmed. The whole conversation made me pretty emotional if I’m being completely honest. 

So, here is my little piece on overwhelm: it’s so important to take the time to stop, breathe and reflect. We cannot be disheartened by the climate delay and inaction pervading the empty words that world leaders are feeding us. The governments can make big agreements and partnerships, but it comes down to us, as individuals, communities and global citizens; we have the power to address the crises and make a better future through our choices and behaviours.

This is our time. We must stand together and unite people and the planet once and for all. 

Lauren Beavis and the Team

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