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Just For Fun, Here’s A Quiz!

Most of us enjoy a quiz and it’s always good to find out new stuff, or realise that we actually know more than we thought we did! So just for fun, have a go at these questions. Answers will be posted on Sunday and hopefully we’ll all get gold stars!

Aspirin is historically linked with which tree? 

How would you say “Thank you very much” in Swahili?

Which is the odd apple out? Cox, Egremont russet, Jazz, Pink fir, Winter pomeroy, Nonpareil 

In Norse Mythology, what type of tree was Yggdrasil, the World Tree?

Where in the UK can you find rainforest?

Name the tissues that transport water and nutrients around trees. 

Where would you find the oldest trees in the world?

What does the Latin word ‘arboretum’ mean?

The small leaved lime, Tilia cordata, is also known by what name? 

What is dendrochronology? 

From which language is the word chlorophyll derived? 

What is the name of the bark commonly used as a spice? 

How would you coppice a tree and what are the two main reasons for doing so? 

What date is the UN International Day of Forests? 

Using the botanical definition of the word fruit, which is the fruit of the cashew, the nut or the apple? 

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