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We’re Making An Impact In The Chambers Of Commerce

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In an exciting step, Word Forest has become a member of the Devon and Plymouth Chamber of Commerce. This highly reputable institution represents a diverse range of businesses, charities and organisations of all sizes across the county that are keen to network, educate and increase their reach.

Word Forest has already forged a few very useful alliances and has been chosen as the featured charity at the Chamber’s Green Breakfast event in July.

The Chamber runs multiple events every year as well as providing a wealth of helpful information and invaluable opportunities for collaboration, building connections and the sharing of knowledge and best practice. They also host roundtable events with The Bank of England.

We are thrilled to be a part of something so wide ranging and inclusive and look forward to developing new ideas and shining a light on how businesses can be more sustainable and planet-friendly.

Additionally, Word Forest has also been invited to deliver two environmentally focused presentations at Trade Unlocked, a brand new, forward-thinking national conference for businesses large and small which is taking place in Birmingham on June 20th. 

This ambitious conference will bring together businesses from all sectors, academics, trade experts, business journalists and politicians, with a mission to co-create evidence-based policies that will benefit trading businesses both now and in the future.

There will be a variety of panel discussions and speakers (including several members of different Chambers of Commerce). The opening keynote speech will be given by Nick Thomas-Symonds, Shadow Secretary of State for International Trade.

Word Forest CEO Tracey West comments: “This has created a marvellous opportunity for us to break down some of the eco-jargon and confusion that surrounds Net Zero. By embracing a corporate partnership with our reforestation charity, that level of service comes as standard. We help our partners strengthen the sustainable pillars of their businesses. We can also clean the air we breathe all over the world by reforesting Kenya with trees that grow up to ten times faster than anywhere else on the planet.”

Simon West, Word Forest’s MD and Chair of Trustees adds: “We’re delighted to represent the environmental sector at the event. Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG (a framework for Environmental, Social and Governance) need to be firmly-rooted topics for discussion at every board meeting. The Earth needs them to be, or we won’t have a healthy planet on which to do any business.”

He concludes: “I think this conference will give us all a chance to exert influence on senior policy makers ahead of the next General Election – that’s very exciting. This event has every chance of becoming a significant date in the international trade business calendar.”

The team at Word Forest will continue to bang the drum for reforestation and positive environmental and social change in any way we can and we are always incredibly grateful for your support.

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