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R & A: Our Educational Learning Platform By Lindsey Selleck: E-learning Content Creator

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It’s time to wrap up our serialisation of articles from this year’s Report and Accounts. Lindsey is our Educational Learning Platform (ELP) content creator and she talks us through the current courses available on the platform, all free of charge.

Lindsey has great hopes for the direction the ELP will take us all in the future, with courses expanding to cover specific content to help our beneficiaries in Kenya.

If you’ve missed any of the previous episodes in this series, don’t forget you can always hop back to WordForest.org/news to hear them all and fill in any gaps.

The Educational Learning Platform (ELP) is slowly but surely growing with 5 courses live, 2 ready to be published shortly and numerous ideas flowing for more.

Two of the current courses focus on education; The Importance of Trees and An Introduction to Climate Change. The former of the two focuses on the work done by Word Forest in Kenya, highlighting the importance of the organisation. The latter has been developed in a way which provides the general population with easy to digest information on a complex topic. More educational focussed courses are being developed as I believe it is important to inform people about what is happening to our planet and highlight why the work done by Word Forest is crucial.

The other three courses are more lifestyle oriented; Conscious Consumerism, Eco-resilience and Spiral Wind; a creative writing course. The existing lifestyle courses are targeted more towards a Northern hemisphere audience at the moment due to the content. However, there is hope to make more courses which are specifically aimed at the people in Kenya over the coming months.

The plans for new courses include an in depth course or perhaps even a set of courses looking at permaculture within the U.K. and Kenya. These courses will include videos which were filmed during the last visit to Kenya, in addition to ones filmed here in the U.K. The aim is for the part focussing on Kenya to be able to be used for teaching out there.

Additionally, we are looking to create courses which can be used as an extra tool by the Mothers of The Forest to teach basic English literacy and numeracy skills to those who are keen to learn.

It would be great to have the ELP used by teachers or organisations to help teach people of all ages and backgrounds why we need to care for our planet and how to be better environmentalists. I hope that the platform continues to grow over the next year and that we are able to market the courses to a wider audience, in order to increase the number of people who take our courses and learn from us.

Lindsey Selleck and The Team

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