URGENT: Our ABC Fundraiser for Digital Data

Over the past 18 months, our Permaculture Teaching Centre in Garashi has made a positive impact on tree planting communities across rural Kenya. Its very existence has proved to be an absolute blessing and it has strengthened Word Forest’s ability to reforest the country and mitigate our climate crisis.

Having a great educational establishment is one thing but having access to reliable data and comms, is quite another. Digital communications – particularly across rural Kenya – are deteriorating due to several factors, including frequent power outages, ageing infrastructure, bandwidth limitations, and environmental and connectivity problems caused by extreme weather events.

Satellite over a massive storm on Earth

Our ability to facilitate critical environmental education is being gravely hindered. 

We’ve identified three simple steps to solving this problem. In doing so, we’ll be able to scale up our operation, increase biodiversity, create safe habitats for wildlife, reduce hunger, malnutrition and poverty, and save lives too.

We’re hoping you can assist by making a donation so we can:

    • Acquire a Starlink connection and gain reliable, unlimited, high-speed internet access;

    • Boost our solar power and battery storage capabilities – we only have 2 small panels at present;

    • Commission geospatial satellite data from Orbify, unlocking information on the optimum places to plant trees and food and gain other data to help us save lives.

A, B and C = Digital Data Dependability!  

In order to run Starlink efficiently, we need more power. Once we have that, the sky’s the limit to increasing our valuable workshops and ultimately, getting more trees in the ground.

The satellite data reports we’ll be able to create by using Orbify, will enable us to perform incredibly detailed analysis of the landscape, health and moisture levels of the soil and of the 1 million+ trees we’ve planted already. It’ll streamline the information we need to select optimum potential planting sites by using live measurements and assessments. It will provide us with bang up to date (and historical) environmental insights at the click of a button. 

We’ll be able to view detailed analysis of any catastrophic flooding events, which will help us furnish communities with life saving emergency planning data. We’ll also be able to lay our hands on accurate information on waterways, the landscape and meteorological facts, enabling adaptation to any changes that may have occurred. 

All in all, this ABC package will allow us to plan future planting with the best datasets available on the Earth. The £4k needed for this project must be done from ring fenced funds, which is why we’ve launched this campaign. Whilst we recognise that your donations will not specifically plant trees, ultimately, our team will be able to plant vast amounts of trees, all across Kenya. This digital technology boost will  allow us to deliver the environmental education needed to ensure they’ll grow to maturity!

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