Hot Poets at The Southbank Centre

The Hot Poets at The Southbank Centre

On Friday 22nd April 2022 Tracey and I had the delightful chance to attend a full performance evening of all 12 poems from the Hot Poets project in the Purcell Room of the Southbank Centre. From their website; In collaboration with the Met Office, the London School of Economics, the RSPB and nine other climate […]

Welcoming the New Mothers of The Forest on Rusinga Island

Joy Maseno and a new member of Mothers Of The Forest Rusinga Island branch with her child

It is with great delight that we announce the inaugural meeting today of the second Mothers Of The Forest women’s empowerment group. The group is based on Rusinga Island, which sits in the north-eastern part of Lake Victoria, linked to the mainland by a causeway. Most of the residents of the island make their living […]


Tree root and waterfall by Zach Reiner on Unsplash

Eco-Resilience is our second FREE course at ‘Learn With Word Forest’. Enrol to learn about Eco-anxiety and the health effects of climate change, in addition to the variety of ways to connect with nature, both indoors and outdoors, to improve your Eco-Resilience. Click here to Enrol: Link:

The Importance of Trees

Edge of the Word Forest

The Importance of Trees is our first FREE course at ‘Learn With Word Forest’. Enrol to learn about the different types of forests, why we plant in the tropics and the benefits of the variety of species we plant in Kenya. Also, what trees do for our planet and its inhabitants, including the benefits on […]

Educational Pack Launch

Education Pack Header

Calling All Educators! We have prepared a series of free lessons on tree use and identification and indoor and outdoor activities aimed at KS2 Primary School pupils (ages 7-11) which can be used all year round! Pupils will be able to learn all about what trees do for us in the UK and Kenya. You can […]

Discover the Hidden Gifts from Trees

Joy planting trees

Have you ever wanted to uncover the secrets trees have up their sleeves? International environmental charity, The Word Forest Organisation, invites you to find out by participating in their Trees Are The Key Awareness Week between 21-27 March 2022. Trees are the key to solving so many of the world’s problems. They are crucial for […]