Didn’t We Do Well!

In the coming weeks we will be preparing our annual Report and Accounts to submit to the Charity Commission and for all our lovely supporters to read how we did between April 7th 2020 and April 6th 2021 However, I simply cannot wait that long to let you know the headline figure. Despite the pandemic, […]

Thank You

Thank You sign by Orna Wachman from Pixabay

At this time of year in the UK, when spring is doing its thing, there’s always a sense of hope. Daylight hours lengthen, primroses and daffodils burst out all over and green buds and shoots unfurl left, right and centre. Bumblebees are out looking for early forage (a big thumbs up for hellebores, comfrey and […]

Article Review – The Ultimate Guide To Help Prevent Deforestation

Looking up to the sky through trees by Ed van duijn on Unsplash

I was lucky enough to be pointed in the direction of a terrific article by Rachel Brown, published in DIY Garden, and the title will tell you why it’s close to all our hearts here at The Word Forest Organisation. The Ultimate Guide To Help Prevent Deforestation is pretty much what it says on the […]

The Decline of Biodiversity

Orang utan in the jungle by Jorge Franganillo on Unsplash

What is biodiversity and why is it important? Biodiversity is the variety of all life on Earth, from trees to humans,  insects to bacteria. Each lifeform, no matter how small, plays its own role within an ecosystem, interacting both with its environment and the other creatures with which it shares its home. Biodiversity is richest […]

Celebrate International Day of Forests with us

Hands painted with a map of the world Image by stokpic from Pixabay

Today is a happy triumvirate; the 21st March is International Day of Forests, the anniversary of the Mothers of the Forest and our CEO Tracey West’s birthday. Serendipitous coincidence indeed! Or is it…? In any case, we couldn’t have a better day on which to end our first Trees Are The Key Awareness Week! The […]

Win 10 Trees Planted in Your Name With a Photo

Photo competition gallery

As you probably already know, as part of our inaugural Trees Are The Key Awareness Week, we’ve been asking you to send in your photos of trees so we can celebrate the beautiful giants that clean our air and provide the oxygen we breathe. Seeing the images coming into our gallery has brought us so […]

Tom Watson Talks to our Patron, Clare Nasir

Clare Nasir interviewing Tom Watson

In this second short interview (12 minutes) for Trees Are The Key Week, our Patron Clare Nasir, well known to many as a meteorologist and presenter, talks to Tom Watson about the extraordinary  journey of transformation he has taken over the last five years. He reflects on the full on, unrelenting pressure of front-line politics […]

Forests – The Heart and Lungs of the Planet

Aerial view of a forest

It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of forests to our planet. Not only do they host seventy percent of all the world’s plant and animal species, they also play an unrivalled part in our own lives, livelihoods and well-being. In addition to providing us with food and medicines, the raw material for building and […]

Tony Juniper Talks to Our Patron, Clare Nasir

Clare Nasir and Tony Juniper

Our Patron, Clare Nasir is a familiar face on television as a meteorologist, presenter and climate scientist. In this short video (11 minutes) she talks to Tony Juniper, Chairman of Natural England, about the link between access to natural green spaces and good human health. From the Chopwell Wood scheme in 2004 and the growing […]