Helping Us to Visualise the Climate Crisis

Lauren Beavis interviews Professor Nigel Fox on his work with Space4Climate. He explains how satellite technology can help us to visualise the destruction caused to our planet, bringing the message of urgency to a wider audience. NPL is the UK’s National Metrology Institute, developing and maintaining the national primary measurement standards. It is a Public Corporation owned by […]

EVENT: Breaking Down the Science: How to Live & Work More Sustainably

Jake Causley, Dominic Hurndall, Bill McGuire, Tracey West and Simon West in front of Sherbrooke Mosspark Parish Church

Tuesday 9th November, 7:00-8:30pm at Sherbrooke Mosspark Parish Church We’re at a point in history where science, sustainability and business simply have to come together and meld. Whatever business or service sector you are involved in, the consensus from the scientific community is clear: respect and recognition must be made and responsibility taken for the […]

Soaking Up The Atmosphere of Day 1 In The Blue Zone


Day 1 was overwhelmingly amazing. I barely slept with the excitement of knowing I had an observer’s pass into the Blue Zone at COP26! After the first QR code check, the queue outside took almost an hour before we reached the warmer security queue; I guess with thousands of people and airport style security, it […]

Can the Power of TV Actually Combat the Climate Crisis?

Dana Strong, Mark Strong, David Halpern, and Kay Burley

A recent study created for Sky from The Behavioural Insights Team has found that there is evidence television can make a difference in our choices. No surprises there. What’s encouraging is that this data is now purportedly going to be used to bring awareness, give knowledge, and help with future actions to help combat climate […]

No-fly Filming

A Glasgow based film crew

In the queue to get into COP26 for the first time (more on that in another article) we met a Glasgow-based camera operator and sound person. Of course, we asked them who they were filming for and we were pleasantly surprised by their answer. An Australian documentary is being made that features COP26, but rather […]

Hot Poets!

Hot Poets

As we reported recently, we are utterly delighted to be part of the Hot Poets project. Our partner poet is the phenomenal Zena Edwards and we are so excited that not only has Zena’s poem been selected as one of 6 to be featured at COP26 as part of the UNFCCC‘s Resilience Pavilion, which is […]

Interview with Nick Henry of Climate Action

Wind turbine powering EV chargers

Having just conducted a stimulating ad hoc interview with Nick Henry whilst both charging our vehicles en route to #cop26, I look forward to learning more about the inspirational work of Climate Action. Tracey and The Team

On the Road to COP26

Simon charging our EV on the journey to COP26

It’s six weeks to Christmas, it’s sunny and I’m wearing sandals. The stormy weather that hammered the South West last night and flooded our Education Trustee Helen’s Somerset kitchen (again) has thankfully shifted north. Simon and I are on the road in our second-hand Nissan Leaf, bound for Glasgow and COP26. The car is filled […]