Enough For Everyone Forever

ASP Logo

The Word Forest Organisation has some exciting news; we can announce a new partnership with The Association of Sustainability Practitioners (ASP) and that we have become their newest alliance member.  The ASP is a large community with 80+ members in the UK and over 1700 associates globally on LinkedIn;  its aim is to promote learning […]

An Autumnal Glow

Lime trees by Karen Cannard

The golden hues of the lime trees that line our road trumpet their visual fanfare to welcome in autumn. Even before nature’s clock ticks into October, their leaves take on a warm yellow glow and start to leisurely drift onto the grass below. Then as autumn progresses, the wind from the east begins to whip […]

Our CEO Is Up For A P.E.A!

Tracey at sunset in the Bore Community Forest Centre

We’re thrilled to announce our co-founder, Tracey West, has been shortlisted for a P.E.A. Award (People Environment Achievement Award) as an inspirational vegan. Tracey is six years vegan, and has spent that time inspiring others to come to the vegan party! ⁠ ⁠Now in its 11th year, the P.E.A. Awards are the UK’s leading sustainability […]

Dream Big – A Series Of Films About Trees – The Secret Lives Of Trees

The moon behind an old tree by Robert C from Pixabay

We all love TV and streaming services, and the fact is that the quantity of films, series and documentaries grows by the day. There are so many that it’s easy for some of them, even the really brilliant ones, to get lost in the sea of content, or disappear almost completely. We are delighted to […]

Girls Just Want To Have <strike>Fun</strike> An Education

Silhouette of a woman at a computer by chenspec from Pixabay

Education makes the world go round: it enriches our minds, funnels creation and allows us to explore the depth of ourselves and the world around us. Education is paramount to economic development and sustainability. It is a necessity but also a privilege. So, what are the obstacles in place and how can we help enforce […]

A Trip With A Difference

Ocean waves with sunset by Pexels from Pixabay

Follow this link to a fascinating article in which Chantal Cooke, co-founder of PASSION for the PLANET, shares her experience of an expedition on a ship where ‘tourists’ travelled with scientists and could learn from and engage with the research being carried out. http://passionforfreshideas.com/travel-2/tourism-and-science/  PASSION for the PLANET is the UK’s first ethically focused radio […]

Hazelnuts in Suburbia

A cluster of hazelnuts - Image by Karen Cannard

I saw them last night during an evening walk with my husband. They were hanging there, showing off on a tree just outside the primary school not far from our house. I was lucky to have spotted them in the fading light. A cluster of four. I could feel my mood lighten. We stopped in […]


Road sign leaving Later entering Now Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

This article was written by our Special Scientific Adviser, Bill McGuire. Prime Minister Boris Johnson professes to be a great admirer of Winston Churchill, to the extent that he has written a (much savaged) biography of the man. Churchill was a deeply unsavoury character in many ways, but there is a strong argument that, as […]

Eyeing The Dots And Crossing The D’s

Graffitti Be the change on street furniture by Maria Thalassinou on Unsplash

It’s a real pleasure to be invited to write an article for the wonderful people at The Word Forest Organisation. Their mission and vision complement well those of Scientists Warning Increasingly, we’re hearing scientists and environmental journalists encouraging us all to join the dots, to urge governments to finally treat the climate and ecological crisis […]