Reforestation To Help Save The Mountain Bongo


For the last nine months, Word Forest has been working closely with the Murang’a Youth Bunge County Forum CBO (MYBCF) in Kenya to find ways to help their Tulinde Bongo Project taking place in the Kmakia, Gatare and Wanjerere ranges of the Aberdares Forest, approximately 3 hours north of Nairobi. This amazing project covers a […]

Are We Living In A Dystopian World?

Cityscape by Baggeb on Pixabay

Just a normal girl, livin’ in a dystopian world. Life is plastic, it is drastic.  With the chaos of the past couple of years, we see the world with more clarity than ever before. We can see it as a dystopian world – for most of us, Covid-19 has been the biggest upheaval of our […]

Hot Poets at The Southbank Centre

The Hot Poets at The Southbank Centre

On Friday 22nd April 2022 Tracey and I had the delightful chance to attend a full performance evening of all 12 poems from the Hot Poets project in the Purcell Room of the Southbank Centre. From their website; In collaboration with the Met Office, the London School of Economics, the RSPB and nine other climate […]

They Ran for the Trees!

Run For The Trees 2022-04-23

On Saturday 23rd April, an amazing bunch runners woke up with an exciting plan: today, they were going to Run for the Trees and fundraise to help us celebrate World Earth Day and get some more trees in the ground in Kenya. We’ve still got donations coming in but it’s clear we’re going to get […]

Just What Is Syntropic Agroforestry?

agroforestry by Mauricio Uchoa Bruttos on Pixabay

From time to time I come across new words which have a wonderful resonance and really make me want to understand their meaning. A while ago, I heard the term Agroforestry and intuitively guessed that it was a combination of agriculture and forestry. Wikipedia’s first sentence about it[1] is: Agroforestry is a land use management […]

The Sports Climate Alliance Launches with a Run and a Swim!

What is the Sports Climate Alliance The Sports Climate Alliance (SCA) is a Word Forest initiative that invites the sports, health and fitness communities to come together to form a winning team. Our ambitious goal is to use sport to create a sustainable future for the planet, for competitors and lovers of sport, for generations […]

Exploring The Forest Of Words

Ecosanta on the beach

We’re thrilled to share this thought provoking guest article by Ann Palmer, co-founder of Ecologisers. My native American name is ‘Woman of the Talking Leaves‘. In western culture it is seen as a poetic name for a writer, one that gives me a full-on connection and identity with trees. This honouring, personalised, with the Tree […]

Welcoming the New Mothers of The Forest on Rusinga Island

Joy Maseno and a new member of Mothers Of The Forest Rusinga Island branch with her child

It is with great delight that we announce the inaugural meeting today of the second Mothers Of The Forest women’s empowerment group. The group is based on Rusinga Island, which sits in the north-eastern part of Lake Victoria, linked to the mainland by a causeway. Most of the residents of the island make their living […]