Forests – The Heart and Lungs of the Planet

Aerial view of a forest

It is impossible to exaggerate the importance of forests to our planet. Not only do they host seventy percent of all the world’s plant and animal species, they also play an unrivalled part in our own lives, livelihoods and well-being. In addition to providing us with food and medicines, the raw material for building and […]

Tony Juniper Talks to Our Patron, Clare Nasir

Clare Nasir and Tony Juniper

Our Patron, Clare Nasir is a familiar face on television as a meteorologist, presenter and climate scientist. In this short video (11 minutes) she talks to Tony Juniper, Chairman of Natural England, about the link between access to natural green spaces and good human health. From the Chopwell Wood scheme in 2004 and the growing […]

The Health Benefits of Trees

Looking up to the sky through the tree canopy

Between 15th-21st March, we’re celebrating all things trees with Trees Are The Key Awareness Week. As part of this leafy celebration, we want to highlight the amazing (and sometimes surprising!) benefits that being among the trees can have – not just on our mental health, but on our physical health too. The last year has […]

Fun Things to do Around Trees

a woman reading in the forest

If you’re able to join in and visit your nearest woodland, park or forest during our Trees Are The Key Awareness Week, here are some fun things that you and your support bubble can do during the restrictions. Cloud busting On your way to the woods, what types of clouds can you see? Take a […]

Introducing Trees Are The Key Awareness Week

Woman walking under an ancient tree by Kevin Young on Unsplash

As we turned the corner into the New Year, I for one was delighted to dust myself down from the preceding 12 months, which had been absolutely gruelling.  Pardon the pun but I knew we weren’t out of the woods back in January and nobody really seemed to know with any clarity when life would […]

Mother’s Day

spring background

This Sunday, 14th March, we’d like to wish all mums out there a truly happy Mother’s Day. We hope that you feel loved and appreciated. Trees are usually our thing but we offer you this bunch of virtual daffodils to bring a little sunshine to your day. You don’t even need a vase! P.S. By […]

Interview with our CEO

Rising Earth News

We’re delighted to share this great short video from Rising Earth News. Interviewed by Lauren Beavis, one of the founders of Rising Earth, Tracey West, CEO of The Word Forest Organisation, gets to take a trip down memory lane and chat about the birth and growth of the charity, the projects that have been undertaken […]

Phaldut Sharma Joins Celebri-Tee Designers

We at The Word Forest Organisation are delighted that actor and writer Phaldut Sharma has joined a host of celebrities that have given the charity wonderful designs for their range of ethical t-shirts. A tree will be planted for every tee sold. Phaldut is well known for his role as AJ, the cheeky trouble magnet […]

Book Review: How Bad are Bananas? By Mike Berners-Lee


So, how bad are bananas? As it turns out, a little bit worse than walking through an electric door, and a bit better than a newspaper, if that clears it up. First published in 2010, and updated in 2020 to reflect new data and the increased severity of the climate crisis, How Bad are Bananas? […]