Corporate Partners

Why Work With Us?

Apart from anything else, it’s a pretty cool thing to do, for the planet I mean, but there’s a raft of good reasons why environmentally conscious business leaders are getting involved with our legacy projects.

It’ll look impressive in your annual report and accounts – especially if it’s printed on recycled paper, as per the RSAs most recent Journal – and it will also lighten the carbon load created by your business. Every tree we plant in the Coastal Province of Kenya has the ability to lock down around a quarter of a tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere. The process is quick and efficient too because of its location near the equator. Our trees improve the air quality for all living, breathing things and they also keep the planet a little cooler too.

Our partnership schemes nurture a deeper environmental consciousness in the fabric of your organisation, they deliver social benefit to your employees and can also improve staff satisfaction and help with employee retention.

We can create tailor-made partnerships to suit your company at local, national and international levels.

We can help you reach your sustainable development goals with ease, by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits on your behalf.

We can develop team building events that help us reforest our planet, and help you develop more effective teamwork, as your employees play with creative thinking to raise funds.

  • We will elevate your CSR profile in the business community and to your employees.
  • We can provide you with digital graphics to use on your website or stationery.
  • Interdepartmental fundraising can incentivise staff to get competitive and think green!
  • We can commission a hand carved plaque with your company name on and have it erected by your area of forest.
  • We can perform a travel assessment of your business and can help you double offset the carbon created by extensive travel.
  • Your planetary investment is safe; we commit to the planting, nurturing and the protection of your trees to maturity.
  • You’ll receive the actual GPS co-ordinates of your trees and be able to monitor them as Google Earth updates their images.
  • Our partnership agreements are made directly with the communities we work with, making our work the most cost-effective it could be.
  • You’ll create equal opportunity employment in impoverished communities – we set a high bar for inclusion.
  • You’ll help us create a team of community educators in Kenya who’ll spread the word about biodiversity, forestry management and caring for the environment.
  • You’ll earn immeasurable respect from people who are living on the sharp end of climate change.

  • The Word Forest Organisation’s entire raison d’être is to reforest land, improve global air quality, encourage biodiversity and facilitate education, all of which benefits our world in a variety of ways.
    Our board share common values that have formed our ethical policy – we want to work with partners who share that vision. Our board also actively encourage sustainable, renewable energy practices and therefore do not accept donations from the fossil fuel industry.
  • Your ethical policy

    If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the following questions, we will need further details.

    • Are you involved in the arms trade?
    • Do you manufacture tobacco products?
    • Are you involved in the fossil fuel industry?
    • Do you work in the forestry or timber trade?
    • Do you experiment or test your products on animals?
    • Are you involved in the fishing or animal farming industry?
    • Have you broken any environmental laws or regulations in the past 2 years?
    • Are you involved in the fur trade, or do you sell products derived from endangered species?
    • Are you involved in tax avoidance schemes, or have you been convicted of tax evasion in the past 5 years?


    • Do you have an ethical labour policy?
    • Do you support the organic movement?
    • Do you operate a carbon offset scheme?
    • Do you support the Fairtrade movement?
    • Do you have a corporate environmental policy?

  • What profile will our company have on your website?

    Company logos with active links will be listed on our Valued Partners page from all corporate donors and varying amounts of information will accompany it, depending upon which level of partner you are.

    How often do we donate?

    Annually or monthly is fine. A member of our partnership team will be happy to set up a flexible payment plan that best suits you.

    How often do we get photos or video to use in my business and marketing materials?

    Videos and photographs of the projects you’ve supported will be provided, in some cases quarterly, depending upon the level of partnership you adopt and the particular project you’ve chosen to support. Watermarked video footage will be made available for partners at all levels and will be updated annually. Non-watermarked video will be made available to Casuarina partners only to use in their digital media projects.

    Will we be allowed to visit the project site?

    We are strong proponents for keeping international travel to an absolute minimum and hope that as we’re able to supply the GPS coordinates of your trees, this will suffice. However, we can arrange an accompanied visit to your Word Forest or classroom. It’s done this way to maximise your experience, to avoid any language or etiquette problems and to ensure there is minimal disruptive impact on the remote communities we’d visit together. All carbon created from the entire trip is triple offset.