Head For The Trees Tees

You Wear it Well

It’s always lovely to have a memento from a special event and if you’re enjoying our Week, you might be interested to check these out.

We’re thrilled to reveal three specially commissioned 100% organic cotton, vegan friendly items of gorgeousness to celebrate Trees Are The Key Awareness Week, the theme for this year has been Head For The Trees.

Head for the Trees Tees
Head For The Trees 03 Front
Head For The Trees 01 White

Every single purchase gets you a stunning item of clothing that fits right into the circular fashion scene. It also results in the planting of a tree in Kenya. Click here to visit our shop or click on the picture of your favourite tee above – don’ forget to take a proper good look at our funky new back logo for cool, green cats everywhere.

The Word Forest’s Stance on Consumerism

Our Core Team are passionate environmentalists who walk the walk and talk the talk. They’re an amazing bunch with quite firmly fixed non-consumerist leanings. We feel so strongly about it as a charity, we actively encourage people not to buy lots of items from our charity shop, but rather to pick one or two products they’d really like and to enjoy them fully. We recognise that as a charity, ethical merchandise forms a very important part of our fundraising strategy. However, we stand by our principles and belief that the planet would breathe a sigh of relief if more people adopted a positive, proud stance on living with less. Please enjoy perusing our products, buying something lovely if it takes your fancy, enjoying it until it becomes tired, then return it, whereupon it’ll be dismantled as a tee shirt and turned into another garment called a Remill – thank you.