Winter Collection

Group of three friends wearing TWFO hoodies

Our tee-shirts and bags are made from 100% organic cotton for a very good reason.

It’s the kindest form of cotton for the farmers that produce it, for the planet that has to grow it and for the consumer who probably wants to rip it from its plastic free packaging and slide the fibres straight onto their skin!

Watch this short video and go behind-the-scenes and experience the creative journey of the products. Find out about everything from the spinning of the cotton and the making of the fabric in India, through to delivery to the Teemill factory on the Isle of Wight where our tee-shirts are printed and shipped on the same day.

Wastewater from dyehouse effluent is a major source of pollution in the clothing industry. Where our tee-shirt material is dyed, the water is recovered, cleaned and recirculated. Take a look at this to see just how clean and safe it it!

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