Our Exclusive Celebri-Tee-Shirt Collection

A Tree Planted For Every Purchase

Exclusive Design: Phaldut Sharma

Phaldut is well known for his role as AJ, the cheeky trouble magnet brother of put-upon postman Masood Ahmed in Eastenders. His other appearances have included roles in Spooks, Silent Witness, Life on Mars, Gavin & Stacey,  The Office, Children Of Men, Hanna, The Accident and the films Gravity and A Gift from Bob. He is currently starring as Ram Sidhu in the new series of Unforgotten on ITV. 

With a deep love and respect for the environment, Phaldut jumped at the chance to design something that reflects the importance of trees and taking care of the planet.

Buy Phaldut’s Celebri-Tee-Shirt and we will plant a tree for every purchase.

SYMBIOSIS: What they breathe out we breathe in,
What we breathe out they breathe in.
Oh my oxygen giving brethren,
For us you have always been rooting,
And now for you we do the same thing!

Exclusive Design: Clare Nasir

The Met Office meteorologist and weather anchor on Channel 5 News, Clare Nasir, is a passionate advocate for the planet. We were over the moon to receive her beautiful design, which is centred around a geeky formula for carbon dioxide.

Buy Clare’s Celebri-Tee-Shirt and we will plant a tree for every purchase.

We understand the science, we have done the maths, we know what we have to do. Climate solutions traverse a broad spectrum of disciplines and approaches that require collaboration – we all have different skills, no-one is redundant in working towards a cleaner greener future. The sum is greater than the parts, and we all have to play our part, together. Trees have moderated our climate and nurtured our land for millennia – and they offer the greatest chance at land-based climate mitigation for cleaner air, cleaner water, healthier soils and protection from flooding and desertification.

Exclusive Design: Mr Benn

Mr Benn, the iconic character created by David McKee, has kept countless thousands of parents and youngsters entertained in picture books, at the theatre and on our television sets for nearly 50 years – that’s quite a career.

During that time he has done many good things. He rescued a dragon, persuaded a hunter to swap his rifle for a camera and a pirate to become an honest man, outwitted an evil man with the aid of a magic carpet, a lamp and a genie and visited several weird and wonderful planets before he realised that our Earth was best: what a guy!

This fantastic design was kindly gifted to us by David McKee and his team to help our charity reforest Kenya. We are ecstatic to include it in our first Celebri-Tee-Shirt collection and think it’s going to become quite a collectors item. 

Buy Mr Benn’s Celebri-Tee-Shirt and we will plant a tree for every purchase.

There is only one word to describe this project: TREE-MEND-US!!!

Exclusive Design: Stefan Dennis

Huge thanks go to Neighbours star, Stefan Dennis (Paul Robinson) for bringing a truly international, inter-generational sparkle to the mix of Celebri-Tee-Shirt designs; his was co-created with his daughter.

Australia is becoming hotter and more prone to extreme heat, bushfires, droughts, floods and longer fire seasons because of global heating.

Buy Stefan’s Celebri-Tee-Shirt and we will plant a tree for every purchase.

A very wise man once said “When all the forests have been cut down, when all the oceans have been fished out and when all the rivers poisoned, only then will man realise he can’t eat money”. That is why the forests and coral reefs of the world must thrive.

Exclusive Design: Tony Husband

We were delighted to receive this stunning design by renowned cartoonist, Tony Husband. His cartoons have appeared in countless newspapers, magazines, books, websites and in several TV and theatrical productions too. They include Private Eye, The Times, Punch, Playboy, The Sunday Express, The Spectator and The Sun. He has won more than 15 major awards, including the Pont Award for depicting the British way of life.

Yobs, which he draws for Private Eye, is one of the best-known comic-strips in Britain. He and the poet Ian McMillan tour the UK regularly with their show A Cartoon History Of Here, an evening of live, improvised poetry and cartoons.

Buy Tony’s Celebri-Tee-Shirt and we will plant a tree for every purchase.

I love trees... I was brought up in the country and spent hours playing the local woods... now I go back and sit amongst those trees that knew me as a child and feel at peace, surrounded by the wise ones.

Exclusive Design: Kate Winslet

Internationally acclaimed, award winning actor, Kate Winslet, very kindly narrated our documentary, #TreesAreTheKey in 2019 – visit TreesAreTheKey.com to see what we do and how we roll!

We were thrilled to receive a hand-painted design from Kate for our Celebri-Tee-Shirt collection too. All of our Celebri-Tee-Shirts (apart from Mr Benn) have been signed by the artists. They really are the real deal! 

Coming soon on a social media platform near you, you’ll be able to see most of the creators sporting their designs and helping us spread the word about the importance of planting trees in the tropics and taking care of the ones in our neighbourhoods as well.

Buy Kate’s Celebri-Tee-Shirt and we will plant a tree for every purchase.