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A Tree Planted For Every Purchase

Why Our Tee-Shirts Are So Fabulous

Why Our Tees are £18+

Teemill don't cost the planet

Our clothes plant trees and are seriously planet-loving too: 100% organic, vegan friendly and made in an eco-factory on the Isle of Wight. Watch the videos below for more info.

Plastic-Free Packaging

Teemill don't use plastic packaging

All of our clothing is printed and shipped from the UK. Every order is sent out in funky, plastic-free packaging, designed to be coloured in by you 🙂

Natural Materials

Teemill use natural materials

Our clothing makers use natural materials, not plastic. Everything they create is designed to be sent back when it is worn out. They make new products from recovered materials.

Renewable Energy

Teemill use renewable energy

Most of our products are made in real time, seconds after they are ordered, so there’s no waste. Our tee-shirt makers use renewable energy to make it all happen too.

How Teemill make T-Shirts

What's a Remill T-Shirt?

Our environmental charity eCard shop has over 300 fabulous eCard designs in 22 different categories for you to choose from!

See our unique page turning eCard in action by clicking here

Every single card you send to friends and family will help us get urgently needed trees in the ground.

They’re only £1 each – far cheaper than a card and a stamp – and if you send five in one go, that drops to 50p each!

Dive in, have fun and thanks for helping us heal our world.

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