Wooshii Are Walking The Distance to Kenya

Wooshii Forest here we come!

(or shall we call it Wooshii Woods?)

Whatever we decide, we are beyond excited to work with the amazingly dedicated people at Word Forest to plant trees across the globe.

Team Wooshii will be tracking our steps company wide to ‘Walk to Kenya’. All the funds raised will go directly to Word Forest where it will benefit both a community and the environment. Our goal is to collectively walk 6184 miles in the next 6 weeks! We have zero doubts we can achieve this as we are incredibly passionate about sustainability and doing our bit to combat climate change.

"Word Forest really is made up of people who are cooked up from pure sunshine. They have hearts of gold and the impact they have is aspirational.

Wooshii is a perfect match to help with fundraising as the team also have a magical spark and are incredibly passionate and determined! Off to Kenya we go!"

We chose to work with Word Forest because their wonderful team ensures trees are planted in an area where impoverished communities can recover deforested land. Our trees will be planted in Kenya, as the tropical conditions near the equator make them grow up to 10 times faster than anywhere else on the planet – it’s great for mitigating climate chaos.

Please donate and share so we can support all the fantastic work Word Forest does!

Walking the walk - all the way to Kenya with Team Wooshii. The team is fundraising for the wonderful @wordforest. Please share and donate to plant some trees 🌴🌳

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