We’re chuffed to work with some amazing Corporate Partners and the folks at Forest Hog, are exactly that.

Like us, they’re a young company and they’re powered by a small team of passionate environmentalists, led by the eco-powerhouse that is Diana Robinson.

Hop onto their website to find out more about their range of naturally scented, non-toxic, vegan cleaning products.

Here’s a little snippet about their Natural Forest Hog Hand Wash, to whet your planet-friendly appetite:

Just one squirt from the pump is all you need. Rub hands together to lather and then wash off. Hand made with love and care and available in three natural scents. We use only organic certified essential oils in our hand wash. Choose from Orange Blossom: a delicate, gentle scent for those who like minimal scent. Lavender: this gorgeous relaxing scent is always a great favourite with a tiny hint of eucalyptus and Tea Tree and Lemon Grass: this refreshing combination lifts the spirits.

Hand wash from Forest HogClick here to view their full range and if you move from being a viewer to a buyer, you’ll get 25% off of any orders placed during August and September.

Forest Hog make a very kind donation to Word Forest for every single sale they make and we’re turning that straight into trees and building materials for our next classroom.

If you’re looking for a range of vegan cleaning products that tick the planet’s box, find a stockist near you and if you’re a supporter of plastic free shopping, take a look at their refilling stations. They’ll even help your school or community project set up as a stockist, so you can raise money for your own good cause. If you’d like to stock the range, I’m sure they’d love to hear from you, email: [email protected] or call 07506 540 750.

Check out the vegan cleaning options from Forest Hog and you’ll be making more of a difference to the planet, than you bargained for!

The (Super-Clean) Team