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The Power of a Birthday Facebook Fundraiser

If it’s your birthday soon, please accept a virtual hug from everyone at Word Forest… that’s one BIG hug!

If you’ve got enough ‘stuff’ and you’d rather your friends and family helped you do something amazing for the planet, how about dedicating it to our charity as a fundraiser?

If you’re a Facebook user, it couldn’t be easier. Just click here to create a fundraising page for us and please note, every single penny of it will come our way!

Recently, we’ve had birthday fundraisers from a few supporters, some we know personally and a few we’ve had no previous connection with. That’s marvellous news. It means the message of the dedicated work we’re doing to mitigate climate change and help the tree planting communities in Kenya, is being carried far and wide.

If you’re not on Facebook, there are lots of other platforms you can use and we’re quite fond of Wonderful. Amazingly, like Facebook, if you do a fundraiser for us, we get 100% of the money and that’s magical.

You don’t need us to tell you our planet is struggling: take your pick from the plethora of extreme weather events in the UK and other countries, 11 million hectares of bush, forest and parks in Australia destroyed by ‘megafires’ along with 500,000 creatures dead too and now, plagues of locusts ‘of biblical proportions’ eating everything in their path as they swarm across East Africa.

Every pound and penny you put in our pot, is helping to make a positive difference on our planet, in countless ways.

Thank you!

The Team