eCards from The Word Forest Organisation

Enjoy our Amazing eCards!

While the world is on lockdown, we’re continuing to support our wonderful tree planting communities in Kenya with emergency aid for food and clean water – they need that lifeline, more than ever before.

We think it’s time everybody had a seriously big pick-me-up, so Simon, our resident super-geek, has created a fantastic charity eCard store with hundreds of page turning, customisable cards to send to the people we’re loving and missing right now: click to see an example in action!

Our Team have pulled together some beautiful images – including a few for Easter (done by the skin of our teeth) and we’ve also got a very uplifting category called Life After Lockdown.

The collections are full of joy and celebration, there are glasses being raised, coffee and tea being sipped, cake eaten, dances danced and giggles being had, by many. We’ll be back doing all those things before you know it.

So here we are cutting the virtual ribbon – Snip and Boom – it’s open, have fun!

The Team