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Our exciting new venture into merchandise

Here at The Word Forest Organisation we’re branching out (pun intended) into a whole new realm of products aimed to simultaneously help raise funds for our crucial ongoing projects in Kenya and raise awareness about our life’s mission.

We have enlisted the help of a creative designer with a background in Fashion Design to help us create a range of merchandise that looks good and does good.

Bethany Martin is an award-winning graduate of the University of Northampton with a First Class BA Hons in Fashion. Working for 2 years as a design assistant for a corporate uniform design company, she’s created uniform and accessory designs for Easyjet, HSBC, CarShop and more. Bethany loves to take on new creative tasks and is an avid illustrator, sewer and crocheter alongside her hobbies of dancing and the outdoors.

She’s now turned her hand to creating a range of unique print and graphic designs for The Word Forest Organisation’s first design collection. What’s more, she’s given us all her time and effort as a volunteer!

Tees For Trees

Bethany took her inspiration simply from what is at the heart of The Word Forest Organisation – trees – creating a range that reflects our ethos and crucial message of #TreesAreTheKey. Using natural imagery, slogans and fresh graphics, the collection features t-shirts, hoodies, bags, water bottles and mugs with unique prints and a sustainable message.

Bethany says, “I love using natural imagery and inspiration in my work, so this project was a dream to work on. I’ve already learnt so much along the way about how these trees are not just trees, they’re the lifeblood of the communities they’re planted in, providing food, medicine, shelter and work, not to mention the crucial positive impact they have on the global struggle against climate change. I hope to share this through the designs seen in the collection and get more people engaged with The Word Forest Organisation‘s mission.

Central to the collection is quality and sustainability. As designer Vivienne Westwood once said, “Buy less, choose well” and we believe that our products will be a good choice, for you and the planet. All garments and bags are made of 100% organic cotton and are delivered in plastic-free packaging. When you have fully worn out your t-shirt or hoodie, you can return it to the supplier and it will be recycled and re-spun into new cotton to make another garment. Furthermore, for every garment sold, The Word Forest Organisation will be planting a tree in Kenya. All the products in the range, including the mugs and flasks, are drop-shipped, that is to say they are created to order and sent directly to you, so there is no wastage of stock or excess transportation.

Bethany adds this thought. “I’m aware that the fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters, which is why it’s so great to have the opportunity to work on a range that promotes a really sustainable fashion cycle. The use of organic cotton and plastic free packaging plus the recycling element of the clothes is really taking the initiative to reduce any negative impact on the planet. These are the kind of changes I want to see more of in the fashion industry and it‘s great that charities and small businesses are leading the way.

You can find more of Bethany’s work on her website at and be sure to follow her and ourselves on instagram to see our creative work in progress @bethanymartincreative @wordforestorg

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