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Let Us Turn Your Banknotes Into Trees

There are less than 100 days to go for you to decide; what will you do with any last paper £20 and £50 bank notes you may have?

They’re to be replaced with polymer versions – these are apparently more difficult to forge and they’re said to be more durable too.

At the time of writing this post, there are estimated to be around 163 million £50 notes and 314 million £20 notes sitting in people’s purses, wallets and biscuit tins.
If you have one, we’d love to help you do something really amazing with it to lessen our climate crisis and reduce hunger and poverty too.

What £20 could do

  • Pay a Mother of the Forest to plant 8 trees in Kenya.
  • Remove 2 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere in 5-7 years.
  • Feed several families time and time again with fruit, nuts and more.
  • Help a Mother generate an income by selling excess commodities.
  • Plus, it would buy a few building materials for our next school.
  • Or perhaps some learning resources on permaculture for our women’s empowerment group.
  • Or provide a nutritious meal for 20 Mothers at an educational workshop

What £50 could do

  • Get 20 trees planted in Kenya, absorbing 6 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere in 5-7 years.
  • Buy a large metal wheelbarrow for a permaculture food forest at a school.
  • Equip a school with hand tools and seeds to grow their own food.
  • Plus, it would buy a few building materials for our next school.
  • Or feed at least 50 women (many with young children) at an environmental educational event.
  • Or provide crafting materials for 20 Mothers of the Forest attending an Income Generating workshop.

Poster to turn banknotes into trees

The list of amazing things we could do with your old notes is almost limitless, but whatever we do, I promise you it’ll be the stuff that creates a legacy of hope for our planet, and the people and wildlife of Kenya too. Oh, and not forgetting the trees we’d be able to plant would also clean the air we breathe all over the world.

From now through to October, we’ll be circulating the image above on our social media platforms, politely requesting that if you have such a note kicking around that you’re happy to donate to a great cause, that you donate it to Word Forest.

From October 2022, it will be impossible to spend these notes in shops, as they will no longer be legal tender.

How to turn your old notes into trees and food

Pop along to any Post Office or Bank and pay it in to:

The Word Forest Organisation
Account Number: 65836507
Sort Code: 08-92-99

Be an Eco-Champion for Word Forest!

Are you able to display a poster in your workplace, university, school or even at a club you’re involved with? Get in touch to let us know if you’re willing to coordinate a collection and we’ll send some materials to help you. It’ll be a pleasure also to send you a Certificate of Tree Planting to show just how many trees you get in the ground and the CO2 they’re going to remove from the atmosphere.

With enormous thanks, as always,

The (chuffed and very grateful) Team

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