Our Life-Changing Piped Water Project

Mockup of a woman reading our water pipe booklet in an office

The success of our planting projects relies heavily on having a good availability to clean, fresh water. It is needed to ensure the tree planting communities are well enough hydrated before they even pick up a tool to dig a hole. Additionally, every single sapling we plant needs H2O to ensure they nestle nicely to […]

Word Forest Bring & Share Vegan Lunches

Vegan food by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash

Listen to this article: In December 2023, our co-founders, Tracey and Simon West started hosting a monthly fundraiser: the Word Forest Bring & Share Vegan Lunch. It was such fun and so successful, it swiftly moved to being a regular event on our calendar. Click here to find out more about the lunches and to […]

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