Water: one of the challenges for women in rural Kenya

Video: Water - one of the challenges for women in rural Kenya

Our CEO Tracey West, talks to the Boré Green Umbrella Co-operative’s Chairman, Theophrastus Kithunga, about some the practicalities of acquiring water when you live in the African bush. Experience this emotional snapshot, as Tracey attempts to do what thousands of Kenyan women do every day, as they collect water and transport it back to their […]

Centre For Earth Works Interviews our CEO, Tracey West

Twitter Chat Poster for Tracey West of The Word Forest Organisation with Youth4Land

Last week, our CEO Tracey West was interviewed by the Nairobi based youth-led environmental organisation, the Centre For Earth Works, via Twitter Chat. The CEFW is a youth led NGO, passionate about securing the earth and empowering communities on sustainable strategies to solve environmental challenges. Tracey embraced the opportunity, but admitted to finding the medium a bit […]

Saskia, the New Album & Offsetting its CO2

Saskia Griffiths-Moore

Saskia Griffiths-Moore is an exceptionally talented folk singer, songwriter and musician. “Her pensive and positive songs exhibit a clarity of both thought and expression” say Living Tradition Magazine and “Her voice is incredibly clear and delightful and in many ways ahead of it’s years” says Folk Phenomena; having attended a good handful of her concerts, our […]

About Tracey West: Fundraiser for The Word Forest Organisation

Poster for #ReforestKenya video

This is the first in a series of short videos featuring the team & supporters of Word Forest Organisation. We kick off with our CEO and Fundraiser, Tracey West. Update on our charity status: we applied to become a charity on the 8th December 2016 and today, 7th April 2017 we have been registered as charity number […]

Interview: The Queen of the Green Church, Isabelle Woodman

Church stained glass window

Our local eco-group, Turn Lyme Green, lines up some fabulous speakers and the one at our last meeting was no exception. Isabelle Woodman, fondly known as Izzy, lives here in Lyme Regis, she’s the daughter of the local Baptist Church Minister, Christopher Woodman and is currently studying Christian Rural and Environmental Studies. Her passion for […]

Interview: The Young, Vibrant Environmentalist, Wangechi Kiongo

Wangechi Kiongo is 22 and has a deep-seated passion for conserving the natural resources of our planet and planting trees. If you were only a follower of her Tweets, you’d be forgiven for thinking she is a woman with a few more years under her belt. Wangechi is from Nyeri County in Kenya’s beautiful Central region and […]