We’re delighted to share news that Eva Jefa (our women’s empowerment group facilitator) and Esther Kombe (Chair of the Boré […]
The Mothers of the Forest doing their first exams
Recently, we brought you up to speed with our ongoing education programme for our women’s empowerment group, the Mothers of […]
Mother of the Forest student and baby
We are delighted to bring you Part 2 of our special report – click here for Part 1 – written […]
Heart shaped moss
For environmentalists the world over, the goal of leaving a light green footprint on the planet, can inspire people throughout […]
Charity of the Year poster for The Word Forest Organisation
Stitching good ethics and sustainability into your business, is no bad thing these days. It can benefit your business, the […]
Child in Kenya
WARNING: DISCUSSES CHILD PROSTITUTION: READ ON WITH CAUTION Seven years ago, the founders of our charity learned that during times […]
110,000 new saplings at the Boré main nursery
The dust is just beginning to settle on our teams’s annual monitoring and evaluation visit to Kenya, for 2019. Tracey […]
The Magic Oxygen Literary Prize Poster
When the bell tolls at midnight on Monday 31st December 2018, it will mark the end of the 5th Magic […]
spoons full of lentils
If you’re a tree planter, we love and applaud you for helping to remove CO2 and other pollutants from the […]
A Whopping Great #GivingTuesday You folks are truly amazing, so many of you stepped up to the plate on #GivingTuesday […]