Plant Trees in Kadunguni Word Forest

About The Word Forest

Neighbouring Kundeni Primary School is an inspiration for Kadenguni, and many other local schools; there are around 100 that we’d love to work with in the Coast Province region.

The Kundeni students have been a major part of the development of the surrounding Word Forest and their teachers have combined standard curriculum with activities that encourage them to become environmental guardians of the forest too.

With the addition of simple finance and the engagement of the already excited local community, we’ll be able to replicate the model of Kundeni’s vibrant tropical forest in the scrub land surrounding Kadenguni.

They have a few trees planted around the school compound already. Following a visit to the school in late 2016 by our forestry expert and Trustee, Ru Hartwell, he commented that their trees were the best cared for he’d ever seen. There wasn’t a single failure in the ones they’d planted and the Headmistress and her staff were clearly responsible for nurturing good forestry stewardship in their pupils.

We have a skilled, caring workforce ready to plant this urgently needed tropical forest ~ all we need now is a little investment.

Please click here for a range of ways to donate to this vital, life changing project.

What We’ve Done So Far

We’ve liaised with the local community and the landscape is ready and waiting for your donations so we can begin planting.

Take a look at what we’ve achieved at Word Forest Kundeni to see what your assistance could introduce here.

What We Can Do With Your Help

Your financial assistance will get straight to the heart of the problem and allow us to:

  • boost the supply of seeds to the nurseries
  • increase the physical green footprint of this vital tropical forest
  • remove approximately 240kg of CO2 from the atmosphere, per tree and produce oxygen
  • absorb other harmful gasses like sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide from the atmosphere
  • prevent destructive soil erosion
  • create shade and protection from harsh elements for animals and wildlife
  • create rainfall and moderate temperatures through transpiration
  • keep the climate a little cooler on our planet
  • lift local communities out of poverty and give them some food security too

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