Spilling the Beans on #DroughtKe

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The catastrophic drought currently holding Kenya in a terrifying grip, has pushed the country into a critical state. Countless crops have failed, coffee yields have decreased, the land is drying up and outlying communities who are entirely dependent upon their fields producing good harvests to keep themselves fed, are turning to one of the most self-destructive methods […]

Ethical Consumer Report Shows Increase in Savvy Green Shoppers

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According to the Ethical Consumer Markets Report 2016, compiled by Triodos Bank and Ethical Consumer, there are some seriously heartwarming, planet-friendly rising trends taking place in the way UK shoppers are deciding to spend their money. Bevis Watts, Managing Director at Triodos Bank UK states in his opening address that society continues to face a great many challenges, including climate change, global economic pressures and increasing inequality. […]

Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters More Than Ever

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Corporate social responsibility certainly isn’t a funky new idea. Some say the very roots of it can be traced back to the late eighteenth century and is evident in the decision made by chocolate makers Cadbury, to establish the Bournville Village. It was done to promote housing reform and green environment by demonstrating that a successful corporation, needs successful communities, […]

‘You Can’t Beat a Good Tree’ says Bob the Dog

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Bob the Dog is thrilled to announce that our not-for-profit shop is officially open! There are a great many ways to spread the word about a good cause with evangelical passion. We like to do it with a sprinkling of good humour, a modicum of courage and an articulated lorry full of optimism… and in this case, with […]