Following our recent interview with the new social media voice for the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, Wangechi Kiongo, we’ve been keeping an eye on her work!

Today, she reported that the UNCCD have ramped up their game and created a new logo.

It shows a human hand sitting at the root of sparse trees and crops; how ironic and poignant.

Whilst I realise a picture probably isn’t going to help save the world, I do believe that concentrated efforts on one of the most terrifying consequences of deforestation and climate change, will.

Yukon Hori, from the UNCCD secretariat, explains:

Desertification is a colossal aspect of drylands with global impact. By sustainably managing land and striving to achieve land degradation neutrality, the UNCCD will reduce the impact of climate change, avoid conflict over natural resources and help communities to thrive.

Following landmark decisions at COP 12 in Ankara, the UNCCD is set to become a driving force in achieving Sustainable Development Goal 15 “Life on Land” and target 15.3 on land degradation neutrality. Against this backdrop, the UNCCD introduces a new corporate logo.

Click here to read their release in full.

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