Re-establishing The Caledonian Forest

Loch Hourn, Scottish Highlands by indianabones on Pixabay

The Scottish Highlands – a mesmerising expanse of moorland, mountain and boreal forest with a deep and vibrant history. Stories of King Arthur and Merlin tell of this mystical land and its ability to come to life, aiding them in battle and protecting its inhabitants from violent outsiders. This is a truly iconic place and […]

 The Importance Of Urban Trees

Urban trees by Ogutier on Pixabay

Trees in urban spaces are the forgotten heroes when discussing climate change and, often, the awe-inspiring rainforests of the tropics and sub-tropics take the limelight. Of course, this is to be expected. These areas, along with other valuable ecosystems, allow life on earth to survive and flourish (the Amazon rainforest is frequently referred to as […]

Clare Nasir interviews Melinda Messenger

Clare Nasir interviews Melinda Messenger

As part of Trees Are The Key Awareness Week, our Patron, Clare Nasir interviews Melinda Messenger and talks about psychotherapy and Melinda’s love of trees.

The Medicinal Properties Of Trees

Gingko trees by morn_japan on Pixabay

Herbs, trees and spices have been used by healers since ancient times. Human settlements have often been surrounded by plants used for medicinal purposes.   In Sumeria, for instance, hundreds of medicinal plants including myrrh and opium were recorded around 3000 BC. There is an Egyptian Papyrus listing more than 800 plant medicines such as aloe, […]


Tree root and waterfall by Zach Reiner on Unsplash

Eco-Resilience is our second FREE course at ‘Learn With Word Forest’. Enrol to learn about Eco-anxiety and the health effects of climate change, in addition to the variety of ways to connect with nature, both indoors and outdoors, to improve your Eco-Resilience. Click here to Enrol: Link:

Take A Moment With A Tree

Bark and moss by Pexels on Pixabay

There is a growing body of scientific evidence that supports what we already know on a primal level – that being out in nature is good for us and that forests and trees have a positive effect on us in multiple ways. I notice that when I step among trees, my breathing slows and deepens […]

Martha Pearce interviews Charlotte Appleton Pilbeam

Colyton Grammar School

As part of Trees Are The Key Awareness Week, Martha Pearce and Charlotte Appleton-Pilbeam, both pupils of Colyton Grammar School, discuss the environmental movement and what young people can do to help.

Trees And Story

Girl with lantern in the forest by Darkmoon Art on Pixabay

The link between humans and trees is ancient and deep. Trees have always been and will always be vital to our existence. It’s easy to see how on a physical level; they produce the oxygen we breathe and facilitate rainfall, soil quality and biodiversity as well as providing commodities that allow us to feed, clothe […]

The Importance of Trees

Edge of the Word Forest

The Importance of Trees is our first FREE course at ‘Learn With Word Forest’. Enrol to learn about the different types of forests, why we plant in the tropics and the benefits of the variety of species we plant in Kenya. Also, what trees do for our planet and its inhabitants, including the benefits on […]