Let Us Turn Your Banknotes Into Trees

Money UK 20 pound notes

There are less than 100 days to go for you to decide; what will you do with any last paper £20 and £50 bank notes you may have? They’re to be replaced with polymer versions – these are apparently more difficult to forge and they’re said to be more durable too. At the time of […]

Charity Co-Founders (About to) Swim a Mile Across Lake Windermere

Tracey and Simon pasted onto Lake Windermere

CLICK HERE TO READ AN IMPORTANT UPDATE TO THIS POST (SUNDAY 12TH JUNE) Tracey and Simon West (pasted onto a picture of Lake Windermere above) are passionate environmentalists and over the years, alongside an amazing team at Word Forest, they’ve worked tirelessly to mitigate extreme weather events, global warming, hunger and poverty by reforesting Kenya. […]

They Ran for the Trees!

Run For The Trees 2022-04-23

On Saturday 23rd April, an amazing bunch runners woke up with an exciting plan: today, they were going to Run for the Trees and fundraise to help us celebrate World Earth Day and get some more trees in the ground in Kenya. We’ve still got donations coming in but it’s clear we’re going to get […]

The Sports Climate Alliance Launches with a Run and a Swim!

What is the Sports Climate Alliance The Sports Climate Alliance (SCA) is a Word Forest initiative that invites the sports, health and fitness communities to come together to form a winning team. Our ambitious goal is to use sport to create a sustainable future for the planet, for competitors and lovers of sport, for generations […]

So Much More than a Report & Accounts 2020-21

Passion led us here

There are a handful of reasons why our Report and Accounts 2020-21 has been a little late in production and pretty much all of them start with COV and end in ID. That said, we are delighted to announce its (slightly later than we hoped) safe arrival! I read a report recently that touched on […]

Zena Edwards Reads: ‘Mother of the Forest’

You may have seen the post we popped up last week: The Power of the (Hot) Poem about the amazing project we’ve been involved with from Liv Torc and Chris Redmond: Hot Poets. Our poem was created from the talented pen of Zena Edwards and it’s called Mother of the Forest. Every time I read […]

When a Politican’s Answer isn’t Enough…

Toronto skyline

…we must challenge it! Interestingly, at a discussion last week Chaired by our Patron, Clare Nasir, we were advised by one of the most senior civil servant panellists to do precisely that. Our short video below shows me talking about our climate crisis with the MP for Vancouver North, Jonathan Wilkinson. Lauren Beavis and I […]

Word Forest in BBC Feature on Deforestation

Simon being interviewed for BBC Ros Atkins

Our co-founder, Simon West is featured in a very enlightening piece on deforestation by Ros Atkins on the BBC this week. Simon did a handful of television interviews in the Media Zone a few days ago and we were all delighted to see a snippet from one ending up in Ros’s informative short film. Ros […]

Want to Visit COP26 Virtually Today?

Come and attend COP26 virtually

The Blue Zone is closed today however the publicly accessible Green Zone is open to visitors both in person and virtually! Many of the Green Zone events are going to live-streamed on their COP26 YouTube channel so if you fancy dipping in and absorbing some of the eco-vibe up here, you can.  Check out the COP26 Green Zone […]