Want to Visit COP26 Virtually Today?

Come and attend COP26 virtually

The Blue Zone is closed today however the publicly accessible Green Zone is open to visitors both in person and virtually! Many of the Green Zone events are going to live-streamed on their COP26 YouTube channel so if you fancy dipping in and absorbing some of the eco-vibe up here, you can.  Check out the COP26 Green Zone […]

The Power of the (Hot) Poem

Chris Redmond and Liv Torc Hot Poets

On Friday 5th November, Simon, Sue, Lucy, myself and our amazing Patron, Clare Nasir met up in the Blue Zone at the Science Pavillion to hear poet and participation artist, Liv Torc and Tongue Fu, writer and Fu founder Chris Redmond talk about Hot Poets. Hot Poets is a brand new Arts Council England funded project […]

The Buzz on the Fringe

…is quite literally, electric – sustainably powered, of course. This short video taken near the Exhibition Centre stopped Tracey and Lauren in their tracks. A group of around 15 residents from Houston, Texas were standing on the edge of the Squinty Bridge by the turnstiles to the Blue Zone, making sure their message to Joe […]

We’re in The Guardian Today With Positive Vegan Style

If you happen to buy The Guardian newspaper today, you’ll also get a fabulous supplement, a My Green Pod Magazine. It’s an awe inspiring, fact-packed and perfectly timed 64-page COP special. It has features on everything from biodiverse wind and solar farms to why our economic system needs to change and living the dream with […]

Simon West: Live Media Commentary on the New Deforestation Policy

Darren McCaffrey and Simon West

It’s Day Two at COP26 in Glasgow. Our Team have found their feet in the Blue and Green Zones and the fringe and they’ve hit the ground running. Last night over supper, we all discussed a breaking news story as sketchy details emerged of a potentially monumental new policy on deforestation. The policy has now […]

Run, Forest, Run! Turn Your Passion for Running into Trees

Woman running on a road by Daniel Reche from Pexels

We need runners the world over to help us mitigate our existential crisis and climate chaos! Run, Forest, Run! Over the past 15 months, we’ve steered the charity through the most challenging period in fundraising history. Today, we’re putting out an urgent call to runners everywhere like the amazing Wendy Robertshaw: could you also run […]

The Warming Stripes of Kenya

Warming Stripes for Kenya

Monday the 21st of June was #ShowYourStripes Day, as created by IPCC author, Professor Ed Hawkins of the University of Reading. Ed is a climate scientist, especially interested in climate variability, predictability and uncertainty. He’s enthusiastic about the public understanding of climate science, especially via famous historical scientists. Ed is the lead scientist for WeatherRescue.org and also […]

Why Teaching Climate Change in Schools is Critical

poster with statistics from Teach the Future

We’ve featured the amazing folks that run Teach the Future in our news feed before and we’re delighted to do it again. In case you haven’t heard of them, Teach the Future are an inclusive, well organised, persistent campaign organisation run by incredibly dedicated secondary and tertiary education students. Their aim is to greatly improve […]