Helping You Cope with Eco-Anxiety

stressed person

Environmental stress is real. We’re trying to uncover new ways to help people cope with eco-anxiety. We want to help people who are struggling with it, turn negative stress into positive action that plants more trees. You’re right, it does sound like a tall order. A handful of years ago, who’d have thought eco-anxiety would […]

Permaculture: a simple recipe for a happy planet

Eva and the banana harvest

We know #TreesAreTheKey to a better future for people living on the frontline of climate change in Kenya. They offer a direct route to a healthier planet for wildlife and humans. Fast growing trees in the tropics rip CO2 and other pollutants out of the atmosphere at a serious pace and provide communities with fruit, […]

Meeting Kenya’s Hungry Needs With Charity Collaboration

Sophie from Awaken Love for Africa

A short note from our CEO, Tracey: The amazing woman on the left of the image above is a dear chum, Sophie McLachlan from neighbouring Charmouth. Along with her family and a dedicated team, she runs Awaken Love for Africa, a charity that funds an orphanage called The Gideons in Western Kenya. The screenshot was […]

Summer Solstice 2020: here comes the sun

Saturday 20th June is the solstice and it marks the start of summer for us in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of winter for those in the Southern. What is the Summer Solstice? Also known as Litha, midsummer or aestival solstice, the summer solstice is an important day in the astronomical calendar. Seen by many […]

Brand New Footwear Fundraiser


Thanks to one of our wonderful supporters who also has a mahoosive passion for vegan shoes, we have lots of brand new items of footwear, almost all unworn and they are all up for grabs. The kind donor of the shoes is a big fan of vegan footwear, many are labelled as such either on […]

Fundraising Father’s Day eCards

Happy Father's Day fundraising eCards from The Word Forest Organisation

Want to give your dad a lovely surprise on Father’s Day and help the planet too? Hop onto our eCard shop and scroll through 48 fabulous images to find one that shows just how much you love him. Our cards are quirky, funky and amazing, if we say so ourselves. They have a unique page […]

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

UN SDG logo

We recently undertook an exercise to establish how many of the UN SDGs The Word Forest Organisation has actively tackled. It brought a startling realisation that we’ve ticked 15 of the 17 goals in our first three years as a charity. Thus far, we’ve not undertaken a project that coincidentally or specifically aligns with goals […]

Our Report and Accounts 2018-19

The Word Forest Organisation Annual Report 2018-2019

It is an absolute pleasure to share our Report and Accounts for 2018-19 with you. Enormous thanks go to three amazing volunteers – Alexis Boddy, Izzy Robertson and Simon West – for pulling the proverbial rabbit out of the hat and bringing it to life. I realise these sorts of reports aren’t always terribly vibrant […]