Ethical Consumer Report Shows Increase in Savvy Green Shoppers

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According to the Ethical Consumer Markets Report 2016, compiled by Triodos Bank and Ethical Consumer, there are some seriously heartwarming, planet-friendly rising trends taking place in the way UK shoppers are deciding to spend their money. Bevis Watts, Managing Director at Triodos Bank UK states in his opening address that society continues to face a great many challenges, including climate change, global economic pressures and increasing inequality. […]

The United Nations: Positively Switched On

The new UNCCD logo

Following our recent interview with the new social media voice for the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, Wangechi Kiongo, we’ve been keeping an eye on her work! Today, she reported that the UNCCD have ramped up their game and created a new logo. It shows a human hand sitting at the root of sparse […]

Drought, Species Loss, Climate Chaos: trees get to the root of it

Kenyan coffee beans

News of the continuing drought in Kenya came to the attention of the global business community last week, with speculation that the recent poor short rains have had a negative effect on coffee bean yields and may well influence prices down the line. It seems Kenya has no option but to continue to face increasing […]

Interview: The Young, Vibrant Environmentalist, Wangechi Kiongo

Wangechi Kiongo is 22 and has a deep-seated passion for conserving the natural resources of our planet and planting trees. If you were only a follower of her Tweets, you’d be forgiven for thinking she is a woman with a few more years under her belt. Wangechi is from Nyeri County in Kenya’s beautiful Central region and […]

Why Corporate Social Responsibility Matters More Than Ever

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Corporate social responsibility certainly isn’t a funky new idea. Some say the very roots of it can be traced back to the late eighteenth century and is evident in the decision made by chocolate makers Cadbury, to establish the Bournville Village. It was done to promote housing reform and green environment by demonstrating that a successful corporation, needs successful communities, […]

‘You Can’t Beat a Good Tree’ says Bob the Dog

Bob the Dog Supports The Word Forest Organisation

Bob the Dog is thrilled to announce that our not-for-profit shop is officially open! There are a great many ways to spread the word about a good cause with evangelical passion. We like to do it with a sprinkling of good humour, a modicum of courage and an articulated lorry full of optimism… and in this case, with […]

Reforestation Research Required

Poster Seeking Academic Partners

Research is amazing. Environmental NGOs are amazing too. Make successful partnerships of the two and you have a powerful relationship that can change the world. If you’re compiling research that could assist us to spread the message about the need for reforestation, or that helps to raise awareness with indigenous communities on why they need to support it, we’d […]

The Work We’ve Done in Bore

The Magic Oxygen Literary Prize is so much more than a writing contest and yes, I realise I’m in danger of making this sound like a Marks and Spencer advert! But it is! Over the past 3 years, MOLP has helped reforest 71 acres of deforested land in the Coast Province of Kenya and it […]

Glossary of Forestry Terms

A forest

If you’re not sure how your arboretum differs from your earlywood, our glossary is the place to clear things up. If you’d like to reproduce it on your website, just drop us a line – happy to help! Acre An area of land measuring 43,560 square feet. A square 1-acre plot measures 209 feet by […]

Provenance of the Kenyan National Anthem

African lion licking lips

The national anthem of Kenya is called, ‘Ee Mungu Nguvu Yetu’ which translates to, ‘O God, of all creation’, in English. Unsurprisingly, the original version was written in the native language of Kiswahili and rather notably, it was one of the first national anthems to be specially commissioned. It was collaboratively penned in 1963 by George […]