Poster Seeking Academic Partners
Research is amazing. Environmental NGOs are amazing too. Make successful partnerships of the two and you have a powerful relationship that […]
The Magic Oxygen Literary Prize is so much more than a writing contest and yes, I realise I’m in danger […]
A forest
If you’re not sure how your arboretum differs from your earlywood, our glossary is the place to clear things up. […]
African lion licking lips
The national anthem of Kenya is called, ‘Ee Mungu Nguvu Yetu’ which translates to, ‘O God, of all creation’, in […]
Students of Kundeni Primary School with Magic Oxygen's first classroom
The Word Forest Organisation founders, Tracey and Simon West, run an ethical publishing house called Magic Oxygen. In the spring of […]
Here’s me sounding like we’re on first name terms! The Academy Award winning actor and passionate environmentalist, Leonardo DiCaprio, produced […]