Provenance of the Kenyan National Anthem

African lion licking lips

The national anthem of Kenya is called, ‘Ee Mungu Nguvu Yetu’ which translates to, ‘O God, of all creation’, in English. Unsurprisingly, the original version was written in the native language of Kiswahili and rather notably, it was one of the first national anthems to be specially commissioned. It was collaboratively penned in 1963 by George […]

A Publishing House, a Word Forest and Classroom Number One

Students of Kundeni Primary School with Magic Oxygen's first classroom

The Word Forest Organisation founders, Tracey and Simon West, run an ethical publishing house called Magic Oxygen. In the spring of 2014, they launched a pioneering global writing competition called the Magic Oxygen Literary Prize; it became fondly known as MOLP. It had two categories – short stories and poetry – a prestigious £3,000 prize fund and three environmental promises built into […]

What Does Leonardo Say About Climate Change?

Here’s me sounding like we’re on first name terms! The Academy Award winning actor and passionate environmentalist, Leonardo DiCaprio, produced a powerful documentary earlier this year called Before the Flood. It was directed by Fisher Stevens and  Martin Scorsese was an executive producer. Leonardo is the presenter and sole commentator throughout the film and he articulately narrates […]