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Allotment 2021

The Novice Allotmenteer

The sound of the blackbird’s song accompanies me as I fill the watering cans.  The glug of the water tank temporarily drowns out its chorus but it soon returns as

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Warming Stripes for Kenya

The Warming Stripes of Kenya

Monday the 21st of June was #ShowYourStripes Day, as created by IPCC author, Professor Ed Hawkins of the University of Reading. Ed is a climate scientist, especially interested in climate variability, predictability

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The Dancing Man Oak Tree - Image by Izzy Robertson

The Dancing Man

At the top of the village, along the winding lane that leads out to the vale, stands the Dancing Man. He is oak, old and weathered, his limbs raised skyward.

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Tangled Yet Coiled - front cover

Tangled Yet Coiled

An intriguing title for a stunning collection of poetry! We were thrilled and very grateful when talented poet Tom Burgess contacted us a few months back to say he would

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